a look inside studio De la Flor

When Emily and I started our business, we worked from the living room of my tiny 2 bedroom 1 bathroom craftsman home in South Oceanside, CA. Looking back on it now, I can't believe how many flowers we fit in there; sometimes housing flowers for double header wedding weekends. It was always a funky temperature, being an old house, and there were always a few flowers that showed us loud and clear they didn't like it too much in there. I somehow still managed to cook myself dinner in-between the blooms and foliage, while reassuring myself that most event florists when first starting out also live in a similar scenario. 

It's been a few years since that -- and for about a year in-between now and then, we shared a warehouse space with our good friends, the Witty girls. We loved our time spent together, but within months had both outgrown our space. It was a beautiful, amicable break up! 

And then.. a diamond appeared! A studio space with warehouse temperature control (unreal) came into the picture before it went up in the market, and we snatched that opportunity right up.

We saw value into turning this typical office/warehouse space into a safe haven for our florals, and treating it as a second home. We ripped up old carpet to find a sea of glue underneath, painted the old walls, removed ceiling tiles, epoxy-ed the warehouse floors, and carefully handpicked the handmade tile baseboards. Countless nights of in-between construction and floral arranging, with MAJOR help of our hero SJ surfboards  , our studio De La Flor was complete. 

We are so thankful for a place to not only work with a clear mind, but a beautiful place to bring our clients for meetings (and lets be real... we pretty much live here)!

Our friend and beyond talented film photographer, Matoli Keely, came to our studio to showcase De La Flor in all of her splendor. We hope you enjoy! 



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