ocean lovers' perfect place to say 'i do'

Nicaragua has some of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. Most of them are deserted.. some rocky, some sandy, but all are absolutely breath taking. 

We were lucky enough to get away for a week together with a dream team for a little bit of work and a whole lot of play! I guess you could say it was a business trip (at least we can tell that to the IRS) since we DID work, but... we also balanced that by doing nothing but surfing, eating, and napping. 

We teamed up with Sheena Schleicher, who specializes in SEO, branding, and content strategy and who also happens to be a kick ass photographer. We also had NÜERA swim designer & owner Katelyn Hill join us to get some more editorial shots for her beautiful swimwear. Sean Johnson of Sj surfboards was there to supply our boards and make sure our trusty vessels stayed clear of holes, dings, and other mishaps that tend to happen overseas!

So here we are.. in paradise. The airport is about 2 hours away from the beach, so we stopped at a local nursery to order our flowers before heading way to our spot for the week. Buying flowers in Central America is much different from the US, to say the least! You pretty much go straight to the grower and tell them what you need (in Spanish!). Since there is no refrigeration for florals, you're taking home the entire plant and making your cuttings on location. The plant is then yours to repurpose! 

We stayed in Playa Iguana, which is about a 3 mile long stretch of beach with bungalows and exquisite mansions here and there. This beach also happens to host 2 world class waves for surfing(!). The most popular break being Colorados, a racy and hollow a-frame, and a softer (yet usually larger), cone shaped wave called Panga Drops. AKA... heaven for anyone who loves being in warm water and surfing till your arms fall off. 

We had the pleasure of staying at the most AMAZING Fort Walker, a beautiful home right in front of Panga Drops. Tim Walker is the owner of this exquisite home who spends a lot of time in Nica as well as Oceanside. He contracted us to help him showcase his home as the ultimate destination wedding location.

We were put to the task to floralize the space to set the mood for a romantic and intimate beach wedding. Sean and I [Angie] played as husband and wife. It was super fun because it was as if we were getting married all over again! It was really sweet to relive that day over two years ago in a whole new way. 

i do


Nicaragua is such a beautiful place to visit and ESPECIALLY to get married at! We hope more people will choose to spend the happiest days of their life here (and take us with them to fill their wedding day with flowers!!) ;-D

at sea

We definitely had our fair share of play... We'd paddle out every morning before it became too hot to be in the sun, and then again a few hours before sunset. 


We've never felt comfortable surfing or swimming in a swimsuit... until we tried Katelyn's bikinis. They're handstiched from thin neoprene that practically molds to your body, which means that they stay secure the entire time. They are also reversible, so its pretty much like having two perfect suits at the same time. Brilliant!

We decided to showcase the IBÖNGA swim style, which Katelyn designed to be the go-to suit for brides on their honeymoon. The high waisted bottoms give the suit a classic, timeless look, with a modern backside cheekiness ;). Women of all lovely shapes and sizes are guaranteed to look and feel gorgeous on their sun soaked vacation!


>> photography: Sheena Schleicher

>> underwater photography: Katelyn Hill

>> location: Fort Walker Iguana Beach, Nicaragua (new website coming soon)

>> florals: Bloom Babes

>> swimwear: NÜERA

>> surfboards: Sj Surfboards