Peas in a pod

We are Emily and Angie, two best friends (and quite possibly long lost sisters) who share a love for beautiful blooms and design. We both have loved flowers, plants, the sea, and twigs and trees for as long as we can remember! We are ever-inspired by the sea. Our souls drip with salt water and we aim to infuse the ocean’s omnipresent charm into our pieces. We strive to always push the boundaries of traditional floral design and create progressive and unique designs. The inherent beauty in each bloom is important to to us and we make sure we put these babies on center stage for their grand show!

We've always felt it was our destiny to somehow pursue our passion within the nature realm. In the summer of 2013, it seems as if the stars aligned. We were put to the task of putting together our first wedding florals and fell in love with the process and challenge. We were paid with love-filled thank yous and smiles, and our hearts could not have felt fuller. Bloom Babes was born and we've been floralizing ever since!

We specialize in floral design for weddings, corporate events, and special occasions. Our studio is open to visitors by appointment only (we are not a storefront) so send us a message via Contact page to fill us in on how we could be part of your next event! We can't wait to hear from you!